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Shells of the Hawaiian Islands  The Land Shells
Photo gallery / Localities / Laccadive Is.

Marine Gastropodes


Cypraea chinensis variolaria Lamarck, 1811

Cypraea cribraria perstata Lorenz, 2017

Cypraea depressa dispersa Schilder & Schilde, 1939

Cypraea erosa similis Gmelin, 1791

Cypraea grayana Schilder, 1930

Cypraea helvola argella Melvill, 1888

Cypraea histrio Gmelin, 1791

Cypraea kieneri Hidalgo, 1906

Cypraea limacina interstincta Wood, 1828

Cypraea moneta icterina Lamarck, 1810

Cypraea ocellata L., 1758

Cypraea rubiginosa Gmelin, 1791

The photos in our gallery are in most cases just a sample from our stock, except when only one specimen is offered. We try to match the original color but it can vary if your screen is not correctly adjusted (Gamma correction).
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